About me


I’m a Scottish Green Party candidate on the North East Regional List for Holyrood 2016.

I’m a member of the Scottish Greens because they have messages and ideals of sustainability and equality that I consider vitally important to our future, and I want to see those messages delivered.

I studied English Language and Linguistics at the University of Edinburgh, and I’m now a web designer and content analyst by day, dilettante and supergeek by night.

I’m the partner of an American immigrant (and fellow party member), a hard-core intersectional feminist, passionate about social justice, income inequality (spoiler: it’s bad) and both economic and environmental sustainability.

I want to see a sizeable crop of Green MSPs go to Holyrood in 2016 to spread our message of social justice, equality and sustainability, and see the fairest, most socially and environmentally conscious Scottish Government yet!