On Tactical Voting: a message to Scottish Greenies


Some Greens want to ensure the SNP landslide this election. In truth, in most seats they don’t need your help.

I will never give a person a hard time for voting ‘with their heart’ rather than their ‘head’, even if it hands a seat to someone they hate. As we ‘heart’ voters keep saying these days, the only truly wasted vote is a vote for something you don’t believe in. Moreover, when we vote tactically we don’t get a true picture of a party’s support and that keeps said party from ever getting the time and attention it deserves.

The Greens have been suffering from this for years – according to many polls as many as one in five people (one ridiculous poll went as high as 28%) would consider voting Green if they thought they had a shout at power. Imagine where they’d be if one in five people actually voted for them instead of voting tactically.

But a lot of ‘natural’ Green voters in Scotland – even party members – are saying that they would love to vote Green, but that in this election they’ll be voting SNP to aid the SNP landslide that is going to be so hilarious at the end of this coming week.

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