On Boobs & Battleaxes


Yesterday (June 1st) the Science careers website had a blink-and-you-missed it advice column that caused a wee bit of a stooshie over some rather controversial advice given by Dr Alice Huang, noted virologist. The column was quickly removed by the website, but because Nothing Ever Truly Dies on the Internet, let’s talk about it anyway.

So basically this woman is all “My supervisor keeps trying to look down my shirt.” Her pseudonym is ‘Bothered’, so let’s assume this is bothering her.

My completely 100% fair and unbiased summary of the response, in short, easy-to-digest chunks:

  1. Imagine what life would be like without people you fancy in the world. IMAGINE. NOBODY YOU FANCY. This is a relevant observation for reasons that… well, if you don’t know then I can’t help you.
  2. Fun anecdote: I had a friend who was reduced to a state of lust-induced catatonia by a nice straight nylon seam, poor boy.
  3. Sexual harassment law is for proper stuff like assaults and threats and grades-for-sex, so…
  4. Though I guess if you were really bothered by it that would count. Are you really bothered by it? Like I know you signed this letter ‘Bothered’, but really? REALLY?
  5. Basically, you need this guy to get through your PhD, so do you actually want to rock the boat on this? Thought not. Run along, there’s a good girl. Jesus, kids these days…

Yeh, it’s not a good letter.