Corbyn’s left: naive, or just ‘not arseholes’?


So Jezz Corbyn’s star continues to rise, and the debate rages on not between Labour and Tory but between three factions of Labour, described thus:

  1. the people who like Corbyn’s ideas and plan to vote for him as leader of the Labour Party
  2. the people who like Corbyn’s ideas but think he can’t become leader because he’s unelectable and because his relatively moderate policies can’t work despite broad public support ‘because The Market’, basically
  3. Tories who for some reason joined Labour

Let’s ignore Labour’s right-wing ‘Progressives’ since they need to just get in the sea, and talk about the first and second groups. I’m a member of the Scottish Greens and while I think the position of Greens wanting to vote for Corbyn is defensible for various reasons I won’t be doing it myself. However, we Greens get the accusations currently being aimed at Corbyn supporters by well-meaning ‘liberals’ – that we’re naive, too idealistic, that socialism is so last century and we need to stop trying to make ‘fetch’ happen – all the time so I feel like I’m qualified to comment here.

So! I’ve said this before, and I’ll say it again. Our current political situation in the UK is unsustainable insofar as I consider part of ‘sustainability’ to be ‘not causing the misery and death of untold numbers of the poor and sick’. Your definition may differ but for me a prerequisite for a sustainable society is that everyone has enough to eat and a roof over their heads. We do not currently live in that society.

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